The CAGI Sonic attractor is a multi-patented sound emitting device invented and tested by a brain trust of two of the very best, most
knowledgeable scientific engineers in industry today.  Both are
developers of some of the world's most technically advanced
weapons systems and electronic medical devices available today.
One is a former NASA physicist and the other is an avid
fisherman. Their goal is to provide a simple and practical answer
to every angler's question of  "How can I catch more fish"?

It's What Fish Hear
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Attracts fish from up to 100 feet away.

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The One and Only Patented
Hydro-Sonic Fish Call
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We are  proud to have been awarded the most innovative new terminal tackle product at the ICAST 2006!
Truly revolutionary and different, the CAGI Sonic Attractor(R) is the only sound generating device invented and patented with scientific evidence that proves fish can actually hear it. AND it catches more fish. Guaranteed!